Quiz: Which classic TV mom are you?

TV has introduced us to countless mom characters over the years. Just like in real life, each mom on TV has their own personalities and parenting styles. From gentle nurturers to strict disciplinarians and everything in between, no two TV moms were exactly alike.

Take this quiz and see which classic TV mom you most identify with:

1What word would you use to best describe yourself?
2What does your perfect partner have to be?
3What is your favorite thing about your kids?
They're eccentric
They're well-adjusted
They're cute
They're playful
4Where would you go on your dream date?
A fancy dinner
A movie
A comedy club
The spa
5What's your favorite snack to make for your kids?
Celery and peanut butter
6Time for a family vacation! Where are you going?
Somewhere tropical
Disney World
Anywhere, as long as I get a break!
A nice stay-cation
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Result: Morticia Addams -- Your tastes are eccentric, to say the least. You're able to let your children explore life freely, but you are always there for them at the end of the day. You're unique and not like the rest!
Result: Carol Brady -- You are an expert multi-tasker. Your life is dedicated to your family and your children. You can teach your children lessons gently, but firmly. You're always ready for what wild curveballs life will throw your way, especially in the way of your hectic family life.
Result: Claire Huxtable -- You can handle it all, whether it's at the office or at home. You're able to find comedy in life and laugh about anything and don't let anything get you down.
Result: Jill Taylor -- There's never a boring day in your house, but you're able to handle any obstacle thrown your way. You always manage to find a way to take care of everyone and everything. No matter how hectic things can get, you always manage to have a smile on your face.

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