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Cameron Clark is Self-Driven

Cameron Clark, 10, of Camp Hill, likes to do stuff – lots of stuff. From sports, to the arts, to Scouting, Cameron keeps his parents, Keith and Linda, busy.

When Should Reading Start?

My daughter just turned 4, and I was wondering if this is the right age to start teaching her to read?

Prepare your kids for camp: 10 things to teach them before they go

Away from the helping hands of parents, many campers are startled to find themselves responsible for, well, themselves for the first time in their lives.

plain jane: Oh! What a Tangled Web

My 4-year old, Reece, just made it into The Guinness Book of World Records. His feat: wearing Spider-Man pajamas continuously for the last 743 days. If you don’t have a calculator handy, that’s over two years! Yes, since the age of 2 he has refused to wear anything but this adornment.

School funding restored... but will it help?

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett signed the state budget into law minutes before it would’ve been tardy and, with the legislation, restored funding to public schools that had been subtracted in previous drafts.

To pay or not to pay: The bottom line on class dues

To pay or not to pay: The bottom line on class dues

Class dues long have been a stick in the eye for many parents and students across the nation. In many schools, the mandatory dues go toward paying for things such as homecoming and prom...

Common core confusion  defused

Common core confusion defused

Confusion and uncertainty are two items that should never be introduced into the educational process. Unfortunately that’s what’s happened with the looming introduction of the Common Core State Standards that went into effect in July...

The New Face of 4-H

Think that 4-H is just for farm families and their livestock? Think again.

Four ways to reduce college costs in high school

Four ways to reduce college costs in high school

College is a significant investment and how to pay for it can be a major source of concern for parents and students...

Let the kids play

We’ve all seen it. You’re at a youth soccer match to cheer on your child and the coach of the other team is a raving lunatic. He’s storming up and down the sideline, yelling at his players and complaining to the officials. Or you’re at a Little League game and the father of the pitcher relentlessly harasses the umpire for the majority of the game. This culminates with the father following the umpire to the parking lot after the game where a shoving and shouting altercation occurs before cooler heads step in...



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