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Meet Central Penn Parent’s 2014 Teacher Of The Year

Meet Central Penn Parent’s 2014 Teacher Of The Year

Laurie Lears of York Country Day School is this year’s Central Penn Parent Teacher of the Year...

The New Face of 4-H

Think that 4-H is just for farm families and their livestock? Think again.

National program sought to help educate kids for geotechnology jobs

Everyone had that one class in school that made them think, “When am I ever going to use this in life?” Lisa Manzione, a mom and advocate of geographic literacy, and the U.S. Congress think that geography is no longer one of those subjects.

Parting Glance: A Day Gone Awry

The following is a true story of a day in our family’s life. Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Choosing Child Care Checklist

Increasing evidence has emerged to show that children's learning opportunities in the years before kindergarten have an important effect on their performance in school and ultimately their ability to contribute to society as adults. The Pennsylvania Office of Child Development and Early Learning provides this check list to help parents find the quality child care providers, such as those participating in the Keystone STARS program...

Parents and Teachers: Partners in Education

It’s one of those back-of-the-mind concerns that haunts all parents, especially those who remember the “bad teacher” from their K-12 years. Fortunately, mothers and fathers can relax. Very few parent-teacher relationships become so volatile that they can’t be remedied. And since your little one’s school year is just beginning, it’s the perfect time to start heading off any potential problems from day one.

Summer Science Activities for Children

Children learn best when instruction is continuous. Keep your children in the learning mode this summer by offering science activities you can do with them every week while they are away from school.

Dear Teacher: Ready for the Start of the New School Year?

What you should ask yourself to see if you, and your child, are prepared for the new school year and a look at common childhood illnesses and how to best prevent them.

Readers’ Jamboree at Dutch Wonderland Celebrates Literacy

On September 25 and 26, Dutch Wonderland will celebrate Princess Brooke’s love of reading with special appearances by such favorite children’s books characters as the Cat in the Hat, Corduroy the Bear, Frog and Toad, Llama Llama in Red Pajamas, Pig from If You Give a Pig a Pancake, and Skippy Jon Jones. Other special entertainment for the day includes performances by children’s musician Bruce Fite and Superreader. All activities associated with Readers’ Jamboree are free with paid admission.

Gifted Teens Struggle Too

Life’s not always a bowl of cherries for “gifted” teens. Many are beset with problems ranging from over -competitiveness to difficulty in getting and keeping friends. Tremendous pressures and the usual developmental issues combine to leave some gifted teens adrift in a sea of changes and choices. Once parents and teachers become aware of this side of “giftedness,” they can support their gifted teens and...




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