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Archive »Education Features

Lessons learned in school safety

When we send our kids off to school in the morning, we take for granted that they will return home safely. Unharmed. Undamaged. Just like when they left the house that morning. Even today, with all that’s gone on in our schools across the nation during the past decade, we still have that expectation. That’s not an unreasonable wish...

Keep ‘em reading

While it’s wonderful for children to have the opportunity to laze around in the summer, play with friends and simply have fun; there is also a strong argument for spending some time on academics.

Special education funding ignored by state

Homeschoolers growing and excelling

Homeschoolers growing and excelling

Jamey McClintock has seven children, ages 8-24, and all have been or will be homeschooled...

6 secrets to a successful homeschool graduation

Just because a child is homeschooled doesn't mean they have to miss out on graduation festivities...

7 steps to a successful school year

The first weeks of school are a time of change and stress for many families. Children are faced with unfamiliar work and the expectations of a new teacher...

Navigating your teen’s college plans

It’s difficult to predict what is going through the mind of a 17-year-old high school student. Many are thinking about the newfound freedom that comes with obtaining a driver’s license. Some might be thinking about who to ask to the prom, others simply wonder where they will be chillin’ this weekend. Few are probably seriously thinking about their college search. But now is the perfect time...

Homework for your child–and you

Another school year is in full swing and the routines have set in inside the classroom, but how can you ensure you’re supporting your child’s education at home?

Healthy habits for raising healthy eaters

Healthy habits for raising healthy eaters

For many parents, getting their children to eat the right foods can be a daily struggle...

Should we extend the school day?

Should we extend the school day?

School children in five states (Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and Tennessee) started the New Year with a longer school day. Before Christmas it was announced that schools in those five states will participate in a pilot program to determine if extending the school day will elevate student achievement...

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