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How to Save your Kids from School-Related Stress

Stressors your elementary, middle or high school student may be dealing with and tips on how to help.

Fundraising: An Event They’ll Never Forget!

Whether you host a gigantic May Fair or a humble bake sale, fundraising events can be successful on several counts.

Is new performance profile the correct way to measure a school?

Is new performance profile the correct way to measure a school?

Americans have a propensity for measuring everything and anything. Yet even with a cavalcade of acronyms there seems to be discrepancies about how well our education system is working...

Back to School: Is it time for mom or dad to return to the classroom?

Back to School: Is it time for mom or dad to return to the classroom?

Whether it’s a down economy forcing parents to take on new careers or moms and dads moving beyond diapers and teacher conferences to the next chapter in life, adults are returning to higher education in droves. And colleges and trade schools are doing everything they can to embrace the adult-age student...

Well Read: Halloween Tales

Ah, October. Time to snuggle up with spooky stories, flashlights and your favorite teddy bear. You can always find seasonal books at your library and bookstore. But don’t stop there. Here are a few that are worth digging for…

Dear Teacher: March 2010

Tips for how to help your child improve his or her spelling skills and how you can get an idea of what can be covered on standardized tests.

Kickin' it old school

Kickin' it old school

Imagine a school room filled with wooden desks, antique books, maps, globes and anatomical charts, rather than the modern-day laminate desks, white boards and brightly-colored posters...

Cyber charter rally encourages choice

The Capitol’s Keystone Building atrium was filled with roaring cheers and applause yesterday as students, parents, and educators gathered for a rally during the 5th Annual Cyber Charter School Day on the Hill. Hundreds of supporters assembled from all over the state for the day of rallying, marching and meeting with legislators about school choice rights.

Homeschoolers, cyberschoolers and extracurriculars

Homeschooler Skyler Klinedinst, 14, was taking gym class at West Manchester Mall one recent September night...

When your child  hates her teacher

When your child hates her teacher

We’ve all had them at one time or another—a teacher we didn’t care for...




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