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Special education funding ignored by state

Reliable homework help anywhere, anytime

Here are a number of options to choose from to give your kids a knowledge advantage when it comes to afterschool assignments...

Are school lunches in PA changing for better or worse?

Shoes squeak on a gym floor as kids rush past rows of tables to form a less-than-perfect line. Money in hand, students wait for their turn at the counter. Each plastic tray is divided into sections: chicken fajitas, corn, applesauce and low-fat milk. With the ding of the cash register, the lunch lady smiles and sends them on their way...

Fundraising: An Event They’ll Never Forget!

Whether you host a gigantic May Fair or a humble bake sale, fundraising events can be successful on several counts.

Why do Parents Homeschool?

Ask the parents of the 22,136 home-educated students in Pennsylvania why they decided to home-school and you could very well get 22,136 different answers.

Keeping Schools Safe in Lancaster PA

When the recent and rash of shootings at the Nickel Mines Amish School created an instant newsflash, the announcement prompted both parents and school officials in southern Lancaster County to take immediate action to protect any area children.

Dear Teacher: Is Cursive Writing Still Relevant?

This debate on the need to teach cursive writing is going on in many schools. Many teachers are now saying that cursive is a waste of time, and they want to spend the time working on other skills. Students are being taught to type as early as first grade, reducing the need for handwriting...

9 tips for a productive parent-teacher conference

9 tips for a productive parent-teacher conference

A meeting between you and your child’s teacher can be a powerful tool for helping your child succeed in school...

Summer Learning Made Fun

Looking for some amusing yet purposeful computer time for your child this summer? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of educational, teacher-recommended, Internet-safe Web sites that can lead to hours of worthwhile entertainment for children of all ages.

Dear Teacher: October, 2010

What is the appropriate reading level for my bright child? Is my child getting enough sleep?




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