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Finding the Time

Living and eating organically takes time. I won’t argue that isn’t true—in the beginning. You have to take the time to read labels, ask questions, and shop in new places. The first thing many people say is “I haven’t got time.” Here’s the thing, none of us has the time. We make the time. If it’s important you will make the time. I tell this to my husband when he says he has no time to workout, yet hits the snooze button three times each morning—that’s 27 minutes!

If someone in your family had a life-threatening condition and it required you to eat organic, you know you’d find the time. Well, the way many of us are eating these days is a life-threatening condition.

You don’t have to change everything today. It took me a year to really feel like we were “living organically.” As my dear friend Lisa says whenever I’m overwhelmed – “baby steps”.

Whenever I’m starting a new project I like to make lists. Seeing it in writing makes me feel like I know what I’m doing and I have some control (even if the opposite is true). First, make a list of what you buy most often and what your kids eat most often.

If the list is long, start with one or two items (or more if you’re feeling ambitious). It makes sense that if your family, particularly your kids, eat a lot of something, finding an organic option will have the most impact on their diet.

The first step is always the most intimidating. I would encourage you to do what works for you and not judge yourself. Any improvements you make are important steps towards living a healthier life.

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