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HS Sports: District 3 field hockey, boys soccer tournaments continue

The District 3 field hockey tournaments continued Tuesday afternoon with teams from the Mid-Penn Conference faring very well...

Penn State hero visits Schreiber Pediatric

Penn State hero visits Schreiber Pediatric

Walking the halls of Schreiber Pediatric Rehab Center in Lancaster was eerily familiar for Adam Taliaferro...

USA Hockey changes youth checking rules

USA Hockey changes youth checking rules

As a focus on safety continues to sweep sports, hockey has made a slight change to its most physical facet—checking...

Local runners, tennis players win states

As three sports wrapped up their district tournaments Saturday, cross country and tennis crowned their state champs. And the midstate was well-represented...

Area field hockey teams going strong

Field hockey in the area has reason to brag as all District 3-AAA field hockey teams advanced to the PIAA quarterfinals...

Postseasons are coming to a close

With just a week to go in most fall sports seasons, the tournaments are down to four teams each...

Signs of dehydration in a young athlete

Strenuous exercise, high temperatures and humidity can be a risky combination for young athletes. Heat-related conditions, such as dehydration is more likely to affect preteens and teenagers who participate in organized, competitive, strenuous aerobic activities. Dehydration occurs when the body is low in fluids because a person is not drinking enough to replace what...

Cumberland Valley cross country teams win districts

Cumberland Valley cross country teams win districts

Led by a freshman speedster, the Cumberland Valley girls’ cross country team dominated the District 3 Class AAA championships Wednesday in Hershey...

Sled hockey offers a cool new sport

It’s gym class and children line up to pick teams. While most children crowd forward eager to play, at least one child usually cowers toward the back knowing he will be picked last, even though he wants to contribute to the team. But he is disabled. Soon, that child will have a sport he can compete in without worrying about his disability—sled hockey, a unique sport where players maneuver around an ice rink using two ice picks in buckets attached to sleds...

Fun Slides: Carpet Skates for Indoors

Remember sliding in your socks on a hardwood floor? FunSlides Carpet Skates give you that same fun-powered glide on CARPET!




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