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Archive »Pregnancy

Lancaster General Health offers Online Childbirth Classes

Preparing for the birth of a baby is an exciting and often busy time. For some, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Studies show being educated about your pregnancy and the birth process can reduce the amount of stress in labor. Starting this year, Lancaster General Health’s Women & Babies Hospital offers an online childbirth education program to help prepare couples for childbirth.

Musings from the Maternity Ward

Each day, approximately 11,300 babies are born in the United States. The majority of the births take place in hospitals, leaving nurses, nurse midwives and doctors with a never-ending supply of funny, sweet and bizarre memories. In an effort to find out what happens behind the closed doors and curtains of the obstetrics ward, we asked some of Central Pennsylvania’s finest medical personnel to share their maternity moments. These are their stories.

Thoughts From a Pennsylvania Mother Expecting Twins

Don’t ask how I knew. I just did. My heart pounded in my chest for no apparent reason. I was nervous.

Archive »Childbirth

Common difficulties when first brining your baby home

Caring for your baby involves more than midnight feedings and diaper changes. Common skin conditions and other ailments can crop up overnight. Keep a close eye on any physical changes you notice in your newborn. This will keep your baby comfortable and healthy — and you’ll feel better, too...

Birth Plans

Start planning for the arrival of your baby by creating a birth plan that details your wishes.

The skinny on strange marks  on your baby’s skin

The skinny on strange marks on your baby’s skin

What happens when a mom notices unusual red marks on baby’s skin after birth—or even a few days later? Is it anything to worry about? Probably not...

Archive »Newborn

Hey! Can she do that here? Breastfeeding Laws

There are a few topics that are sure to ignite a lively discussion in any given group: religion, politics and breastfeeding. Healthcare experts tout the benefits of breastfeeding, but public opinion is sometimes critical of the idea...

Saving with the BIGGEST little bundle of your life

There are two kinds of budgeting for a baby. One starts before conception and involves paying down debt and building a financial nest egg. The other starts seconds after you see that terrifyingly awesome “+” sign on the stick. My husband and I were followers of the latter budgeting plan...

Vaccines and autism: The mythical link that won’t go away

Vaccines and autism: The mythical link that won’t go away

To Dr. Paul Offit and his fellow medical professionals, there is no debate: vaccines do not cause autism. Yet the myth of a link has persisted—and the effects are lethal...




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