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Prevent Holiday Overload. De-stress Now.

The holidays are known to be one of the most stressful times of the year. Try these tips to find some relief so you can relax and enjoy the festivities with your family. Here are 7 suggestions from ModernMom.com.

Know your Legal and Insurance Needs Before Baby's Arrival

Before her baby's birth, her parents should address several legal and insurance matters. While the months prior to a birth can be stressful — goodness knows there’s plenty to think about already! — the amount of time available to address these topics will be greatly reduced once baby arrives.

Funding Families: Lancaster couple starts helpusadopt.org to support would-be adoptive parents

Adoption brought more than a son to the arms of Becky and Kipp Fawcett, two graduates of Franklin & Marshall College who now live and work in New York City. It gave them a lifelong cause: raising money to help other families struggling with the financial burden of adopting children.

Archive »Childbirth

Expecting and over 35?  You’re not alone

Expecting and over 35? You’re not alone

Whether by choice or because of circumstances like Ann’s, the average age of a woman at the time of her first child’s birth is changing—women are having babies later than they used to...

Make a birth plan

Although you might not be able to control everything that happens to you during your baby's birth, you can play a role in the decisions that are made about your body and your baby. A well thought-out birth plan can help you to do that.

Nutrition and feeding choices

When it comes to deciding what to feed your baby, having access to credible information and available options is critical...

Archive »Newborn

A suck decision: Baby bottles or mama’s breast?

Choosing between breastfeeding and formula feeding is one of the most pressing decisions all expectant parents face. But it’s not always an easy one...

Vaccines and autism: The mythical link that won’t go away

Vaccines and autism: The mythical link that won’t go away

To Dr. Paul Offit and his fellow medical professionals, there is no debate: vaccines do not cause autism. Yet the myth of a link has persisted—and the effects are lethal...

Helpful feeding tips

Registered dietitian Claudia Gonzalez shares some of her most popular infant nutrition and feeding tips...




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