Quiz: What type of wrapping paper are you?

Do you enjoy the simple traditions of the holiday season? Or are you one to go above and beyond to turn your home into a Winter Wonderland? Take our quiz and see which type of wrapping paper you most relate to.

1What sits on top of your Christmas tree?
A star
A Santa hat
Your monogram
An angel
2When do you start decorating for Christmas?
After Thanksgiving
After Halloween
Early December
Here and there throughout December
3How do you plan to spread Christmas cheer?
Throwing a holiday party
Christmas cookies, decorations and caroling
Handing out presents, of course!
Sending Christmas cards to all our family and friends
4If you look outside and see it's snowing, you're most likely to...
Head to the slopes for some skiing or snowboarding
Head outside with the kids to go sledding and have a snowball fight
Curl up by the fire with a hot cup of cocoa
Come up with some activities that your family can play inside
5What gift are you most likely bringing to a Secret Santa party?
A warm blanket
A gift card
A gag gift
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Result: Natural paper - You appreciate the quiet side of the holiday and the true meaning to you and your family. You like the outdoors. You are drawn to brown craft paper or newspaper, with red or green raffia, bows and natural embellishments. You may also be the mom who stamps her own greeting cards.
Result: Glitter paper - You’re motto is the more glitter, the better! Your holiday table probably is full of shiny candlesticks and your tree filled with bright colors. You have holiday decorations in every room. Your presents will be wrapped with shiny, glittery paper and your holiday cards will shed glitter over all who touch them.
Result: Non-traditional paper - You like to create your own traditions, rather than stick to those you grew up with. Your tree may be white or pink or hanging upside down! Your gifts will feature paper in bright colors—blues, pinks, purples—and stand out amongst the others.
Result: Santa paper - You still honor the man in the red suit, making sure your kids sprinkle reindeer food on the lawn and let cookies and milk out for Santa and his reindeer. Your gifts are always wrapped in paper that includes Santa or Frosty and your stockings are always stuffed full.

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