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In defense of crazy sports parents: Suburban Resistance


The next time someone calls you a “crazy sports parent,” smile and thank them. We are, it turns out, pretty awesome.

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5 teen driver safety features someone needs to invent: Suburban Resistance


I’d like the automotive safety engineers and tech gurus to go a bit further with safety features.

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Adventures in fishing with my 10-year-old son: Suburban Resistance


I’m standing ankle-deep in mud along the shore of the Conodoguinet Creek. A young angler is standing next to me, […]

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Birthday parties, past and Pinterest


Each child was sent home with a Woody-from-Toy Story cupcake that was so precisely iced, I assumed it had been engineered by a team of bakers at Pixar.

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5 things you learn when your child starts playing violin: Suburban Resistance


“Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” will disabuse you of all illusions of grandeur.

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Overcoming my fear of the gym: Suburban Resistance


Good things come to those who sweat, but lying on the sofa and binge-watching ‘Welcome Back, Kotter’ reruns is pretty good, too.

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New Year’s resolutions my kids and husband made for me, with love


“You need to stop leaving glasses around the house. Also, you need to get more sleep.”

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9 reasons kids should learn to ice skate


By 3 years old, most kids can learn to skate.

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Josette Plank is raising a rumpus and living the goofy life in the Harrisburg suburbs. Hailing from the Pennsylvania hinterlands, Josette grew up in an era when cartoons aired only on Saturday mornings and gravy bread was considered a vegetable. Each week, she shares her observations of family life at home, on the road and in the school drop-off line. Email Josette at You can follow her on Facebook and at Twitter at Instagram @josetteplank.

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