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Keeping Things Simple

When my youngest son was 4, his hair fell out. All of it. I’d never heard of Alopecia Areata, the non-contagious autoimmune disorder that was making my son bald.

It was a scary and deeply painful time for me. He handled it great.

There is no effective treatment for Alopecia Areata, and no one knows what causes it. I had to hear that from doctors at Johns Hopkins Hospital and Penn State Milton Hershey Medical Center before I accepted it, but eventually I could say it without breaking down. It took a bit longer before I could resist the urge to punch each person who said, “It’s just hair.” But in the end, it was just hair.

My child is incredibly healthy otherwise, and he’s incredibly healthy because of the way we are living and the food we are eating.

The doctors may have said there was nothing I could do, but I’m a mom—there’s always something I can do. I couldn’t make Ian’s hair come back, so my strategy was to make his body as healthy as it could be and maybe it could figure out how to right itself. That’s what launched this journey and I’m grateful to be on it. 

It is a myth that living organically is hard and expensive. It’s actually simple. It’s the way everyone used to live before all our “progress.” People say to me, “I’m so impressed that you do all this organic stuff. I could never do that.”

Yes, you could. It’s really a matter of priorities, and the conviction that eating better is good for you, your children and this planet. There is nothing miraculous, difficult or complicated about living an organic lifestyle. It’s truly simpler, much less complicated really. It’s going back to basics and using less “stuff’ overall.

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