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Archive »Health Features

Ovarian Cancer: Know your body and know the symptoms

Ovarian cancer is sometimes called the “silent killer” but a more appropriate description is a “disease that whispers” because most women do report symptoms, even those who are diagnosed at an early stage.

Growing up with JRA

Staying focused in class is a challenge all students face at some point during their educational years...

Learning to walk—all over again

When Michelle Jackson's 8-year-old son complained of a sore throat followed by a fever one summer day in July, she assumed it was another case of strep throat. However, the prognosis was nothing Michelle and husband David, of Shermans Dale, Perry County, were prepared to discover.

Should your child stay home from school?

When children are ill, they are more tired, cranky and tend not to eat or drink. This sets them up to get further dehydrated and ill. To keep an illness from progressing, a day at home may be the first step. At home, caregivers can encourage a child to eat nourishing food like chicken soup, drink hydrating fluids such as water, and rest. Keeping your child home from school is important for...

Vaccination Schedule

The CDC has a very handy schedule that you can customize here. From that link, parents can enter their child’s birthday and it will give you a schedule down to the day for the recommended vaccinations...

When head injuries occur

Much attention has been given to sports-related head injuries, but questions still exist as to what happens to a child’s brain after sustaining a sports-related concussion. The American Academy of Pediatrics has been studying sports-related head injuries

5 ways to ease your child's fear of shots and needles

My daughter is 11 years old, but still screams in terror at the mere thought of getting a shot or having blood drawn...

The Rx for finding a new physician

The last thing parents need is added stress when searching for the right doctor to care for their families. Here's how to find the right one for you...

Caring for those precious pearly whites

Caring for those precious pearly whites

The first year of a child’s life are filled with trips to the pediatrician for well-baby check-ups. However when the idea of dental care comes up, too often parents consider the topic one for “down the road.”

The skinny on strange marks  on your baby’s skin

The skinny on strange marks on your baby’s skin

What happens when a mom notices unusual red marks on baby’s skin after birth—or even a few days later? Is it anything to worry about? Probably not...

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