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“Fat cat” no more

“Fat cat” no more

Chances are your pet didn’t make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight, but you may want to keep track of your furry friend’s girth just the same...

Getting Pennsylvania pre-teens invovled in local hobbies

We live in an age where kids spend too much time watching TV, surfing the net or playing video games. Kids at this age should start exploring their interests and looking for a hobby

6 Web sites to surf before you travel

A vacation is an investment. Not only do you shell out a good amount of money to travel, but you also most likely trade in your time off at work. Here, we offer up a few online resources we hope will help you plan the perfect getaway — giving your family more sunshine for less money.

The Hershey Bears go to the dogs

Love hockey? Love dogs? Then you’d better tell Santa you want the 2014 UDS-Hershey Bears calendar...

Coping  with the loss of a pet

Coping with the loss of a pet

When my son, Ezra, was 2, we got him a beautiful golden retriever puppy for Christmas. Ezra named him “Clifford” (after the cartoon, Clifford the Big Red Dog). But sadly we only got to spend seven years with Clifford. Ezra had to learn early on how to deal with loss...

How much work is that doggie in the window?

When Kelly and Jim Arnold’s dachshund passed away unexpectedly at age 12 earlier this year, the devastated family swore they’d never get a new pet...

Puppy Raisers Needed for Service Dogs

Susquehanna Service Dogs needs Puppy Raisers for Labrador retriever puppies that will grow and be trained to become service or hearing dogs in support of adults and children with disabilities...

Losing Leo — Leo displayed leonine courage

My cat Leo must have known 2 1/2 years ago, when he came to live with me, that our time together would be short...

Pets need protection too!

Pets need protection too!

Hello, yes, I need to add a new family addition onto my current plan. Who is he? Oh, well he's my youngest, most precious baby of course! Adopted...Yes, I guess you could say we adopted him. He's 4 years old, about 11" tall and weighs close to 9lbs. His full name...Mr. Puddles Von Shmellington...

Harrisburg goes to the dogs

Harrisburg goes to the dogs

The capital will host PawsAbilities, an expo celebrating our canine companions this weekend. Check out a live puppy cam to see some of the potential attendees...




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