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“Fat cat” no more

“Fat cat” no more

Chances are your pet didn’t make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight, but you may want to keep track of your furry friend’s girth just the same...

You want a what?!

You want a what?!

When we think of the family pet, most of us picture dogs and cats. However, many people have animals that don’t walk on a leash...

Protect your dog from heartworm

Protect your dog from heartworm

You know about fleas and ticks, but what about the other major danger to pets—heartworm? If left untreated, heartworms can do major damage...

Pet insurance, a wise investment?

Pet insurance, a wise investment?

We have health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, car insurance, homeowner’s insurance—but what about pet insurance?

Changing lives one paw at a time

Changing lives one paw at a time

Some family pets earn their keep beyond cleaning up spills on the floor...

Library tour goes to the dogs

This month, a special dog with a special job will be hanging out at York County libraries. Boomer, the official team dog for the York Revolution baseball team is visiting each library!

Protect your pet this summer

When spring arrives each year, it’s a reminder for me to get our dog, Sophie, a full check-up. Here's what you can do to keep your pets healthy and happy when warm weather hits.

Vote now for a dog park makeover!

One of Central Pennsylvania’s area dog parks could get a $500,000 makeover if enough people vote in the Beneful® Dream Dog Park Contest. Beneful recently asked dog owners across the country, “If you had $500,000 to create a dream dog park for you and your best buddy, what would you do?” Heather Wadlinger, of Harrisburg, and her four-legged friend Taj, were selected as one of 15 finalists...

Paw Loose and fancy-free

Springtime is a time for play, for getting outside and enjoying the fresh air. This is not only true for humans, but for our four-legged friends as well. Our pooches spend the winter months cooped up inside just like we do, so when the warm weather arrives, they are ready to run, jump and play ball. Give them a break worth barking about. Take your pup to a dog park. A dog park consists of a fenced-in area which...

Help pets in need

While the media typically focuses on people, there are other survivors of storms, wildfires and other forces of nature who also need our help...




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