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The overreactor in all of us

Ok, so you think you’re a perfectly reasonable and logical person. But sometimes, when your mate says or does something that makes you feel criticized, ignored or disrespected, you shout out your defense and soon find yourself in a full-blown war of words. You know the situation is out of control, but you don’t know what else to say to get your (totally reasonable!) point across. A friend...

Local Nonprofit Taking Stand Against Violence

Light a candle, afix a purple ribbon. The YWCA of Greater Harrisburg is looking for community members to put on a visual display of their support during Annual YWCA Week Without Violence through Oct. 24.

Obi-Wan has taught you well

In this week’s viral video we get a thorough recap of the Star Wars series, told from a younger perspective. This kid clearly knows the characters and plot...

Blogging for Central PA Moms

Deep within the pages of the Internet, there are pages upon pages of some secret and not-so-secret journals...

To Work or Stay Home : We Asked PA Moms

Let's face it...whether you're six weeks or 36 weeks pregnant, you've thought about it. Will I return to work after my baby is born? Can I afford not to?

Mod Mama: Traveling in Style

Stylish tips for moms on how to prep for a summer trip.

Deck the Halls....Walls, Front Yard and Roof

We all have THAT neighbor. The one who bedazzles their home, inside and out, with so many holiday adornments that Santa himself would blush.

Are You a Love Optimist?

Research shows that couples who blissfully stay together for a lifetime have an uncanny ability to downplay the negative and highlight the positive in their mates and their relationships. When you are with your friends, do you talk up your mate’s overall helpfulness or do you prefer to tell a juicy story about the one incredibly thoughtless...

An Incredible Woman Get an Incredible New Look

After 14 co-workers from Conestoga Valley High School in Lancaster each wrote in telling us about Bethany Hovan, 36, a math teacher and mother of Audrey, 7, and Nathaniel, 4, and her fight against colon cancer, the identity of our first-ever Mom Makeover prize winner became obvious.

You'll Look Maarvelous Mama!

Hey Moms! Pamper yourself. You deserve it. We offer up tips for an at-home facial and tell you about a product that will jazz up your hair in no time flat.




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