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Archive »Home & Garden

The (almost) simple life

It is no secret that life becomes more complex when you throw a few children into the mix...

Is there a stranger in your garden?

Summer is the time when we’re reminded of nature’s best: blooming flowers, local strawberries and the return of hummingbirds.

Overwhelmed by stuff? Take control!

When it comes to getting organized and staying that way, most parents are at a loss for where to begin. Whatever the excuse, area experts say with the right attitude and a little effort, it’s easier than you think...

Oh, no! Not poison!

Poison ivy is one plant that can really put a damper on summertime fun. Hiding away in brush, along creeks or mixing in with other plants, the resin on this plant can cause an irritating, red rash of pink, intensely itchy bumps or streaks on the skin.

Overwhelmed by stuff? Get organized now! 10 Tips to help

You know the feeling: You open an overflowing junk drawer, confront a basement that’s bulging or stare at a garage that has no room for a car and sigh, shrug and say, “Some other time.” We all have stuff that clutters up our home and our lives. Whether you have an extreme case of hoarding or just an old-fashioned messy closet, unless you are Martha Stewart, it’s tough to stay organized. Martha's secret, of course, is that she has help...

Alternative energy options

With the cost of gas and fuel oil skyrocketing and the price of electricity going up each year, many families are exploring alternative energy sources to heat and cool their homes. But with a variety of choices out there, how do you know which one to choose for your family? Here’s an overview of popular products that can save money—and the environment...

3 ways to organize a family in a small home

Living in a small space with children—and keeping your sanity—requires organization. Let me share with you the top three ways that I made that happen...

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