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Got gardening questions?

Find an unidentifiable plant in your garden? Kid bring in a strange-looking bug? Get help!

How to create a cool, kid-friendly home

What makes a family’s home feel comfy and cozy, safe and secure, fun and inviting, organized and functional and most important… cool and kid-friendly? As kids grow and needs change, many families may be taking a closer look at the space they live in and asking themselves these very questions.

Helping your kids adjust to a new home

By a few weeks after moving, most children will feel comfortable in their new setting. However, some will have trouble coping.

Family-friendly home organizing tips helps Central PA cut the clutter

Families in Central PA want to cut the clutter. These home organization solutions can make family life less stressful.

Quick, Easy (and Cheap) Ways to Improve Your Home

Want to fix up your home but aren’t sure where to start? Home improvement projects might seem daunting, expensive and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can tackle all sorts of projects in a day or two.

Overwhelmed by stuff? Take control!

When it comes to getting organized and staying that way, most parents are at a loss for where to begin. Whatever the excuse, area experts say with the right attitude and a little effort, it’s easier than you think...

This Year's Special Guides and Inserts

Want to read the Baby Guide, the Summer Camp Guide, the Education Report, the Find-It Guide and more? You'll find all of our special supplements and inserts here in full digital glory!

Overwhelmed by stuff? Get organized now! 10 Tips to help

You know the feeling: You open an overflowing junk drawer, confront a basement that’s bulging or stare at a garage that has no room for a car and sigh, shrug and say, “Some other time.” We all have stuff that clutters up our home and our lives. Whether you have an extreme case of hoarding or just an old-fashioned messy closet, unless you are Martha Stewart, it’s tough to stay organized. Martha's secret, of course, is that she has help...

Oh, no! Not poison!

Poison ivy is one plant that can really put a damper on summertime fun. Hiding away in brush, along creeks or mixing in with other plants, the resin on this plant can cause an irritating, red rash of pink, intensely itchy bumps or streaks on the skin.

Is there a stranger in your garden?

Summer is the time when we’re reminded of nature’s best: blooming flowers, local strawberries and the return of hummingbirds.




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