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Pennsylvania Autistic Children Benefit from Grandparents' Involvement

A new survey shows that many grandparents play a key role in the lives of children with the developmental disorder called autism. Dr. Paul Law, director of the Interactive Autism Network (IAN) at the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore, says "Grandparents have resources and time they can offer. But they also have their own needs, and they're impacted by their grandchild's autism, too."

Rules of the road: Older Drivers in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, it’s not uncommon for older folks to get behind the wheel well into their 70s, 80s and beyond. The state puts no restrictions on older drivers unless alerted by a doctor or law enforcement officer that there is a reason to do so. But what do you do if you are concerned about the driving of an older family member? Each year PennDOT receives 27,000 reports from the medical community, 2,500 reports from law enforcement and 500 letters from concerned family and friends alerting them to potentially unsafe older drivers...

Leaving a financial legacy, the truth about reverse mortgages and other money tips

What does it mean to you to leave a financial legacy? For some, it means leaving accumulated wealth to their heirs. To others, it means subscribing to their children and grandchildren values upon which to place money and other items of significance. To others still, it means giving to a charitable organization or other reputable institutions.

14 Tips on Downsizing in Pennsylvania

Like a lot of Boomers, he also does not know if he is going to stay retired. “I don't know if this is a real permanent retirement, although must say I am busy,” he says. “It is not clear what sort of part-time or self-managed opportunities might arise.” In rural areas, the idea of selling the old family homestead and buying something new and smaller is hard to pull off, says Steve Niebler, director of the Adams County Office for Aging...

Parent vs. Grandparent

Divorce is never an easy thing, especially when children are involved. It’s often mom vs. dad, with children stuck in the middle. But what happens when grandparents step in and demand visitation or custody?

Wait! Don’t flush those pills!

Grandma just passed away, leaving a medicine cabinet stocked with bottles of prescription medication—some never opened. What should you do with them? Water companies and environmentalists discourage flushing drugs down the toilet because they pollute the water system; You can’t throw them in the trash because they could end up in the hands of a child or someone who they weren’t prescribed for...

Parting Glance: Holding On

In the mess and confusion of parenting, we sometimes forget the good times and amazing moments that are over way too soon.

Tweet remembrances: Keeping up with family through technology

Friending, following, tagging and tweeting have become a part of life for most Generation Xers, Millennials and the teen set. But social media isn’t just for those born after the ‘70s, it’s now also for those who are in their 70s. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Skype have been catching on with the older generations—and for good reason. The main use of social media networks for all ages is to keep in touch with family and friends.

Lancaster grandparent's tips on overcoming tough spots

“Most people know me as the lady in the power chair or the woman who waives at cars as they drive by—and that’s the way I like it,” says a Lancaster county native, who is referred to in this story as Beth to preserve her anonymity. While many could tell you that Beth is a caring and lovely individual, few could tell you about the struggles she has endured as a parent...

A Grand Prize Phone Call

Nurture long distance relationships with grandparents




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