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Cheesy Potato and Corn Chowder

Something to keep you warm.

Diary of a Grocery Geek

If you’ve paid attention at the store or at the gas pump lately, you know that costs have been going up. Milk and gasoline have both hit more than $4 in some places, and the price of wheat, rice and other grain has also taken a jump. Even though food costs have increased over the last few months, my family is spending less on food — up to $400 a month less. How are we doing this? Have we resorted to boxed macaroni ‘n’ cheese and cheap peanut butter & jelly?

One chicken, five easy school lunches

For me, nothing signals the end of summer like quiet Sunday nights.

Valentine treats: Sweetheart Surprise Cupcakes

Valentine treats: Sweetheart Surprise Cupcakes

A sweet treat this Valentine’s Day is the perfect way to say “I love you” to the important people in your life...

6 holistic remedies to have at home

If you’re cautious when it comes to using prescription meds, maybe a natural solution should be your first shot at curing what ails you.

Lancaster experts discuss what to eat while pregnant

Pregnancy ss notorious for its focus on food, from it’s the idea of “eating for two” to the crazy cravings many women have, to the added nutritional requirements recommended to grow a healthy baby. But did you know there are foods that pregnant women should stay away from? “A very important potential health issue that many people don’t realize is that during pregnancy...

Easy cinnamon rolls for the holidays

Easy cinnamon rolls for the holidays

From cinnamon rolls to decadent desserts, baked goods have been at the heart of every holiday for generations...

Test your milk I.Q.

Have you ever wandered along a country road and wondered how milk gets from the farm to your breakfast table? There are many regulations and safeguards in place to ensure the dairy foods you purchase at your local store are safe, wholesome and nutritious. Below are frequently asked questions about milk.

Keepin’ entertaining healthy:  Shrimp Asparagus Dijonnaise

Keepin’ entertaining healthy: Shrimp Asparagus Dijonnaise

Makes: 15 appetizers

Well Read: Food Fun

Twist It Up by Jack Witherspoon (Chronicle). A portion of the proceeds from each book sold is donated to the Beckstrand Cancer Foundation and the Miller’s Children’s Hospital in California because the 11-year-old author of this recipe collection is a leukemia survivor. He “twists” each recipe up by adding a measure of comfort and individuality to these kid favorites...




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