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Power Up Their Day with Breakfast

Want to get your child a great start before they head out the door and on their way to school? Start with a good breakfast.

The health benefits of choosing organic foods

It’s a common scene at the grocery store: A shopper holding up two products side-by-side, mulling over which one to buy. Both products appear identical, except for the print on the label, where one package boasts the round, green, USDA certified organic seal, the other does not.

Build a Better Salad at Home!

Have you ever wondered why restaurant salads seem to taste so much better than the ones you make at home?

Take a sweet drive this month

It can be hot. It can be cold. It can come in a box or it can come in a bag. Sometimes it’s square, sometime it’s round. Sometimes it’s filled, sometimes it’s hollow. It can be a powder or a solid. But it is always gobbled up! Did you know that eating a small, 1.6-ounce bar of dark chocolate every day is good for you...

Get your family to the grill

Since playing with fire is generally a no-no, parents really need to know the safety drill if they plan to open the grill...

No fail Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

Over 1,000 voters on www.allrecipes.com can't be wrong! If you're looking for a sure-fire cookie hit this holiday season, try your hand at baking these Peanut Butter Cup cookies...

Eating out with Kids

Five mothers offer their tried-and-true tips for a stress-free sorta dining experience.

Cheesy Potato and Corn Chowder

Something to keep you warm.

Family Kitchen: Fiesta Chicken

Crock-Pots and slow-cookers have helped busy parents serve healthy, home-cooked meals for years. Think beyond your basic pot roast, and you’ll soon be making soups, chilis, casseroles and more. Try our featured Fiesta Chicken recipe (from www.crock-pot.com) and make it a Tex-Mex night.

Lancaster experts discuss what to eat while pregnant

Pregnancy ss notorious for its focus on food, from it’s the idea of “eating for two” to the crazy cravings many women have, to the added nutritional requirements recommended to grow a healthy baby. But did you know there are foods that pregnant women should stay away from? “A very important potential health issue that many people don’t realize is that during pregnancy...




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