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Archive »Family Finance

26 Tips for a fun—and affordable—vacation

Vacations can be fun and affordable. Here are some of my basic tips to keep your dream getaway within reach...

Family Finance: Your Guide to Refinancing

Money is tight as families everywhere work toward financial security after a rough couple of years. With interest rates low, many people are contemplating refinancing their homes. Since a home is probably the biggest investment you will ever make, it is important to know some basic information.

Making Camps More Affordable

More than 11 million children will enjoy some kind of camp experience this summer

Nine tips to save energy

Here are nine tips to save energy...

'Less Is More' does not apply to piggy banks

In a society that deals with so much paperless money, where debit cards and automatic bill payments are far more common than pocket change, do children today still need a piggy bank? No, says Laura Fisher, executive director of the American Bankers Association’s Education Foundation. They don’t need one piggy bank—they need three or four...

Online Banking: Are You Ready?

Online banking is quickly becoming a convenient and popular way to bank. Customers pay bills, check account balances and manage both business and personal finances online, allowing them the opportunity to bypass the more cumbersome and time-consuming aspects of traditional banking.

Saving for college? Not so fast

Somewhere in the back of most parents’ minds we’re all fretting about the same thing: How are we going to pay for our kid’s college tuition? We know higher education is a must these days; we also know it’s exorbitantly expensive. Nobody wants to saddle their child with tens of thousands of dollars in school loans, but with today’s cost of living and tomorrow’s uncertainties, who can afford to set aside much of anything to help pay for it? And where should we set it aside?

Short- vs. Long-term investment options

Most families live on the margins of what is left after all their bills are paid. That is why it is so important to carefully choose a savings plan and take advantage of the best options available.

Smile for Santa

Smile for Santa

It’s ironic, don’t you think, that for 11 months out of the year we teach our kids not to talk to strangers, but once December hits, it’s all about telling Santa what we want for Christmas...

Is a Roth the right IRA for you?

Tax free and no distribution rules, many people opt to invest in Roth IRAs. Is a Roth right for you?

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