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Teaching kids the value of a buck

In all of history, no children have had more money of their own, have had more pressure to spend it, and have needed more guidance on how to do it than the kids of America in the early years of the 21st century.

Nine tips to save energy

Here are nine tips to save energy...

Bizness... As Usual

JA BizTown, a program for fifth and sixth grade students held by Junior Achievement at their facility in York, is now in its sixth year and is one of only 26 in the country.

Cafeteria plans help your family year-round

When I was a full-time employee of a fairly large media corporation, I passed on the opportunity to open a flexible spending account. Too much paperwork, I thought. Too much trouble to keep track of medical and health-related expenses, I surmised. Not worth the hassle, I reasoned. Boy, was I wrong...

Family Finance: Your Guide to Refinancing

Money is tight as families everywhere work toward financial security after a rough couple of years. With interest rates low, many people are contemplating refinancing their homes. Since a home is probably the biggest investment you will ever make, it is important to know some basic information.

26 Tips for a fun—and affordable—vacation

Vacations can be fun and affordable. Here are some of my basic tips to keep your dream getaway within reach...

Ugh! Must be the money

Ugh! Must be the money

Overnight trips, banquets, varsity jackets and wrestling singlets do not pay for themselves. And in many cases, the Carlisle School District can’t pay for those things either....

Teaching Kids in Pennsylvania the Value of Thankfulness

We know Thanksgiving is about more than turkey and pie, but often in the rush to set a pretty table and buy the ingredients for the perfect meal we don’t stop to make sure our kids know that, too. It’s not until we’re sitting down with family ready to dig in to the turkey that we think about offering a prayer of thanksgiving or talking about what we’re thankful for this year...

Credit Union Pros and Cons

Families looking for an alternative to the constantly growing mass of mega-banks should consider the relative benefits available to them through credit unions.

Making Camps More Affordable

More than 11 million children will enjoy some kind of camp experience this summer




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