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Archive »Adoption

Building Families Through Foster Parenting

Thinking of being a foster parent? There's a lot to consider before making the decision. Here we present you with the issues you might want to consider before opening your home to a foster child or children.

Do you love kids? Ever think of becoming a foster parent?

Keystone Human Services is looking for individuals and families willing to open their homes and hearts to children in need of Foster care.

Uniting as a Family After Adoption

Ashlyn Daniels of York County resembles her mother, Diane Dooley, and her brother, Thomas. They have similar traits and personalities. In fact, no one looking in from the outside would ever guess that Daniels is adopted...

A very special adoption

My name is Dominique Watts, and I am a mom. I had thought about those words for years, since I was a child. When would it happen? How would it happen? What would he or she be like? All I knew was that I wanted a healthy child to whom I could pass on my love of sports, music, and words. I always knew I would adopt...

Before Choosing the Adoption Option

Choosing to become a parent is one of life’s most important decisions. And, like a growing number of Americans, you may be considering adding to your family through adoption. If so, you probably have lots of questions. Issues such as where to begin and how to proceed are paramount.

Is Foster Parenting For You?

Being a foster parent is not a passive act of opening one's home and providing food, clothing and shelter. For some, it's a first step toward adoption.

Adoption Stories from Leola & Steelton

There's a heartwarming story behind every adoption. While many parents adopt because they can't conceive children, Tom and Jen Raff of Leola adopted because they were facing an empty nest. The Raffs—Jen is now 49 and Tom is 50—parented two biological children but realized that once their kids—then 16 and 13—graduated and went to college, their house would...

We’ve Been Blessed: Four Different Adoptions, One Common Bond in Harrisburg PA

Nancy Jamison of Catholic Charities Adoption Services, Harrisburg, likes to remind parents that adoption is intrusive. Stressful. “Not a cakewalk.” It’s all true, but remarkably, parents who have endured the emotional extremes of adoption always reach the same, comforting conclusion: Their families were meant to be.

The Facts on Foster Care

May is National Foster Care month. For those who have not been touched by a foster care child, it’s hard to grasp just how many are affected by the issue. Here are some facts from www.fostercaremonth.org to consider...

Kids Adoption Books & Stories

Over 2 percent of all children in the US are adopted. In our own communities, there are thousands of families for which this is an important piece of their family history. Books on the subject can be focused on the child, the siblings and the parents. The topics range from fertility issues, foster parenting, birth parents, blended families, international adoption and child rearing. Just the tip of the iceberg, here are a few...

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