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Archive »0-3 Years

Of toddlers, tears and teaching

I still recall my daughter’s first day of day care. I duly sang the praises of the adventures she would have, then sobbed as I drove out of the day care parking lot...

When your baby needs heart surgery

When a child needs surgery to repair a heart problem, parents will be referred to a pediatric cardiac surgeon. Pediatric heart surgeons treat complex congenital heart defects in newborns, children and adolescents. If your pediatrician suggests that your child see a pediatric heart surgeon or pediatric cardiologist...

Archive »4-7 Years

Your Child's First Report Card

When a child starts elementary school, parents may feel anxious and excited about how their child is doing in school and how to support his learning. If your child attended preschool, a report card is similar to a progress report your child may have received. For children who did not attend preschool, this might be the first time parents will receive a report on your child’s progress. Progress reports and report cards are great opportunities to learn about your child’s strengths and identify any areas he may need help with...

Healthy Teeth = Happy Smiles!

There’s not much new in children’s dentistry.

Archive »8-12 Years

The lowdown and dirty on chores

It is a bit of a battle to get kids to accept responsibilities around the house, but it’s worth the effort.

Morning Ritual

Do you suffer through the same weekday morning ritual over and over again? Do you find yourself wondering why you didn’t iron the clothes, check the book bags, pack the lunches, sign the permission slips and find the shoes the night before? Join the club...

Archive »13+ Years

Etiquette 101

Sheryl Trower, founder and president of the Etiquette School of Central Pennsylvania, says etiquette empowers people. Whether it’s children or business professionals, Trower says having good social skills and understanding etiquette can help anyone to shine in social situations...

Drama and your teen

If dramatic scenes rivaling those of an Academy Award-winning performance routinely play out in your house, chances are you have a teen- or tween-aged child...




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