Parenting Pro: Father’s Day salute to dads from our readers!

Fathers day compositionThis column typically has our parenting peers address “how-to” questions that nag us. But in honor of Father’s Day, we asked our readers to share a moment or story about an awesome dad they know.

My husband is a very hard working man. He works a fulltime and part-time job and still makes sure he comes home and spends plenty of time with our twin sons no matter how tired he is. They always look forward to walks and story time with Daddy and love taking day trips on his days off. -Jessica Snyder O’Donnell

My husband Ryan is the best father that I know! He loves his four children with all his heart and would do everything in his power to protect, provide and care for his babies. He became a teen father when he was a senior in high school. He had the next four years planned out for himself, but he adjusted it all for fatherhood. Our society today highlights on absent African American fathers in the family, but my 24-year-old husband has never been absent and never will be. I am grateful to have a husband who chose and continues to choose to be a father to our children. -Dee Wellington

My husband is the best father and example to our kids. He is my son’s baseball coach. He happily participated in my daughter’s take your parent to gymnastics day. He does dinner, baths, and bedtime three nights a week while I am working. He loves being a dad. –Ellen Tanner

My Friend Dewayne Pierce! He stands by his wife with honesty and integrity and is completely involved in the lives of his kids. He stands as an example of what authentic Christian manhood should look like and I am inspired by his example every day! -Aaron Perry

My husband Evan is the best dad I know. After our son was born early, I ended up back in the hospital a week later, very sick with sepsis. My husband, a brand new father for the first time, was left alone at home with our newborn. We were breastfeeding but because our son was born early, most of the time we had to feed him the pumped milk via a tube and syringe system. My husband would drive to the hospital to check on me, and get my pumped milk, and reassure me that our little guy was doing great. He did a stellar job of caring for our son when I was unable to, even though I’m sure he was terrified! Two years later, he works incredibly hard to support us during his long hours as a nightshift nurse. Our son has high functioning autism, but my husband’s patience never wavers. He is our rock, and is loved very much. –Holly Scally

My dad is an amazing grandfather that does everything in his power to spend time with his grandchildren. –Christine Snyder Petrow

My kids have an amazing daddy. He always makes sure the girls make it to their book club on the days I’m working, and their art class in the evening so I am able to spend one-on-one time with our youngest. He asks the kids what they would like for meals on the days he is in charge of cooking and attempts to make it a meal they will love. On the nights he has off work, he sits and reads the bedtime stories with them, adding in special voices for the characters. They absolutely love that. I couldn’t ask for a better partner in raising our children. -Amber Lehman

My Pop-Pop!! He was a WWII vet, raised five daughters, and then helped to raise me, his first grandchild! He always had fun little sayings and a sparkle in his eye. He enjoyed riding scenic trains, and I know if he were still here, he’d be right there riding Thomas with his great-granddaughter (my little one)! –Janelle McKeown

My husband is an awesome dad! We had two boys when we got pregnant with another baby. In the delivery room, he was able to tell me himself that it was a girl! What a magical moment. –Jennifer Navickas

My dad was such a great dad to my brother and me. One of my favorite memories was Easter morning with him. He would make a very detailed scavenger hunt (everything in riddles) with eggs hidden around the house. When we got to the last clue, we would find our basket. My son now carries on the tradition in our home. –Andrea Shuttlesworth

I have been so lucky to have so many great men in my life. First my grandfather, the most genuine, hard-working man with a heart of gold. At 94 he gained his wings. Second my father, he is a hard-working, loving, and funny man. And of course my husband and father of our children. He puts us first all the time. He makes us laugh, works extremely hard and shows our kids how to reach for the stars! –Blair Grey Costas

My husband, father to our two crazy, active boys, spent two years working fulltime while also taking fulltime classes to get his bachelor degree and still made time for the boys. He never missed a sports event or activity the kids were in and kept a 3.75 GPA. -Ashley Shirk

My silly grandfather was one of a kind. As I was growing up, he (and my grandmother) cared for me while my mother was working. In the last years of his life, I was able to return that gift by caring for him in my home. I now pass on his priceless lessons, funny backwards words (like llabtoof for football) and unconditional love to my two boys. I’m grateful to him every day, and I miss him more than I could ever express. -Aleah Doll Zimmerman

My son became a father at 17, just as he was finishing high school. I’m so proud of the way he stepped into the responsibility and did his best to be a great dad to his little boy. My grandson will be turning 13 this year and my son has always stayed a part of this young man’s life. He has moved three times to stay near him and keeps him involved with our family events. My son is getting married in August and my grandson will be his best man. They are both blessings in my life! -Brenda Kay Standifer Perry

Years ago my dad worked for Singer Sewing Machine Company and he surprised me by making two wrap-around skirts. How many dads can make their daughter skirts from scratch on a sewing machine? -Linda Jackson

My husband Eli is an amazing father. We serve with a ministry called Safe Families for Children — we provide temporary care for children of families in crisis. My husband cares for these children with a special father’s heart, even though they are not his own. He is a great dad not only to our own children, but also to many others. -Jill Schwab Landers

My brother-in-law, Logan Betz, is an amazing father, uncle to my three girls, and a genuine down to earth kinda guy. For all my DIY projects, hunting, fishing, and an open ear when anyone in the family needs a positive spirit to talk to, he’s there. Logan is an amazing man all around! –Anthony Lupacckino

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