Frightfully fun costume ideas

Halloween is fast approaching,and if your kids haven’t already found “the one,” here’s an offering of fun and relatively easy costume ideas sure to impress their fellow ghouls and goblins:


Photo courtesy of Laura Boycourt

Who can resist an adorable pumpkin, especially if he or she has the round cheeks to match? There are affordable options available online, or if you’re the crafty type, throwing together some orange, green and black felt shouldn’t be too tricky. Complete the look with black leggings or pants.


Photo by Sarah Green

Your kiddo will be flying high in this easy-to-create aviator costume. An aviator jacket, red scarf, fleece hat/ear warmer, and homemade goggles will complete the outfit, while cardboard, lots of tape and paint will send your pilot soaring in search of tricks and treats.


Lobster in a Pot
Photo courtesy of Jess Hetrick

This idea is for all the infants out there and the adults willing to tote them around on Halloween night. As the “chef,” wear whatever you’d like, but be sure to don an apron and oven mitts. Next, construct a silver pot around the baby carrier, or use an actual pot, if your tyke can safely and comfortably fit inside. Dress baby as a bright red lobster (complete with pinchy claws, of course). Insert your crustacean into the carrier or pot.

Charlotte's Web

“Charlotte’s Web”
Photo courtesy of Jess Hetrick

Here’s another “carry costume” suggestion. As the web, you’ll need to wear a white top and a white “hoop”-type skirt, if possible (pants will work, too). Add black string to the skirt or pants to create a web look, and attach small plastic spiders to achieve the full effect. Baby, who will be in the chest carrier, should be dressed in black with “legs” attached. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, use more black string to write a message in the web (re-read “Charlotte’s Web” for examples).

Bumble Bee

Wearable Dog Costumes
Photo courtesy of Sarah Casilio

If you know you’ll have a tiny one attached to you as the rest of your brood runs from door to door and you don’t have time to break out the scissors and glue gun, look no further than your local pet store. Once you’ve found the perfect size-appropriate outfit in the canine section, simply attach it to the outside of the baby carrier to transform your babe into an adorable bumble bee, superhero or dinosaur, to name a few.


Pumpkin Spice Latte
Photo by Rachel Martin

Honor your favorite beverage by turning your little into a PSL!  Dress your kiddo in white, and wrap a tan piece of felt or fleece around his or her mid-section. Attach (by ironing on or sewing) an enlarged Starbucks patch to the tan material, centered over the tummy. You can find different varieties of the patch online, or you can test your artistic skills and create your own. Add the finishing touch by placing some “foam,” made out of any white poufy material you can find at the fabric store, around the neck and head.


Prince George
Photo by Peta Souza via Wikimedia Commons

Prince George has captured our hearts with his sweet expressions and flawless fashion. Search online for your favorite “look” and replicate it with consignment finds or items you already have around the house. What toddler wouldn’t want to trick-or-treat with a blond baby toupee and a bathrobe?

Hillary Clinton pant-suit rainbow - Imgur

Baby Pantsuit Hillary
By U.S Government via Wikimedia Commons

What better way to commemorate one of the Presidential candidates than with one of her trademark colorful pantsuits? DIYers should be able to pull this one together with relative ease, and there are plenty of Hillary masks available for purchase. No matter your politics, this one is sure to inspire some conversation!

20's Girl

1920’s Movie Star
Photo by Vanessa Rawls

Capture the magic of the early years of film by turning your little into a leading lady or gent. A little tux, moustache, and slicked-back ‘do or some sequins, pearls and feathered headband will set the scene for your star(let).


“Calvin and Hobbes”
Photo by Kate L.

Dress Calvin in a red shirt with black stripes, black pants and white sneakers. Hobbes should resemble a tiger. Go the extra mile and create their famous “transmogrifier” out of a simple cardboard box (be sure to emulate the font).


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