Craft Corner: Tissue paper jelly glass lanterns

I am the proud mom of two kids, Maddie, who is 6, and Henry, who is 4. Both kids enjoy making things — and I enjoy it, too!

Maddie’s birthday is in December, and last year she decided to have a birthday party to celebrate. As we were planning her party, she asked if she and her friends could make lanterns. We had been talking about how and why the daylight was different in the winter than in the summer.

As I was thinking about how we could make lanterns, I remembered my “collection” of jelly glasses. You know the kind — after you eat the jelly, you can use them as drinking glasses. They have red and white checkered lids.

I am not ashamed to admit I buy the jelly for those glasses. Anyway, they are perfect for this craft. You can use any other small glass jars you have, too.

The kids at Maddie’s party loved making these lanterns and several used them as night lights that night. Maddie and Henry went on to make these as gifts for grandparents. I hope you enjoy this project!


What You Will Need:

  • A clean, dry jelly jar or other small jar
  • Colored tissue paper
  • Elmer’s school glue
  • Two pipe cleaners
  • A paintbrush or foam paintbrush
  • Glitter or confetti (optional)
  • A small bowl or plate
  • A battery-operated tea light candle (These can be found in lots of stores now and at all price points.)
  • Newspaper or craft paper to cover your workspace (optional). This extra step makes cleanup super easy.



1. Prep your workplace by putting down some craft paper or newspaper. This craft involves glue and a paint brush so it can get a little messy.

2. Rip or cut the tissue paper into two-inch squares. This doesn’t have to be exact.

3. Squirt about two tablespoons of glue into the bowl. Add four tablespoons of water to
the bowl and mix with a spoon or fork.

4. Apply a thin layer of glue to the outside of the jelly glass, working in small areas. Stick the ripped pieces of tissue paper onto the glue. One layer of tissue paper works best. Continue applying glue and tissue paper all over the outside of the jelly glass, avoiding the bottom. Glitter or confetti can be added now, too.

5. Let the lantern dry for about an hour or so.

6. Wrap one of the pipe cleaners around the top of the jar. This works well right below the lip where the lid would go. Secure the pipe cleaner by wrapping the ends around itself.

7. Use the other pipe cleaner to create a handle. Attach each end of the pipe cleaner to the pipe cleaner on the top of the jar. Turn on the tea light candle and gently drop it into the lantern. Turn out the lights (or wait for it to get dark outside) and enjoy!


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