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Adjusting to life with a dog

January 31, 2013

I wasn’t happy when they brought THE DOG home...

THE DOG: Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Wanna pet me? Huh? How bout now? Huh? Now? Nows good with me. Anytimes good, really. Nows great. Nows always great. Let me just shove my wet nose underneath your hand and

What do you mean lets move on, Mom? Nobodys petted me yet!

THE CAT: I wasnt happy when they brought THE DOG home.

I had been an only pet for quite a while at that point (although I missed Pumpkin, who wasnt my mommy cat but who acted that way until she died), and I was quite pleased with my status as the sole lap warmer.

src=, the short humans whom I allow to stay in my house can be a little rough sometimes, but theyre both grown enough now that I dont get my ears and tail and whiskers and legs and fur pulled regularly. In fact, the girl my mom and dad call her Samantha can be an acceptable warm body to snuggle with from time to time.

But then, THE DOG appeared.

Flying black fur, floppy black ears, slobber in the mouthICK. I made my displeasure known immediately, but THE DOG was unfazed by my impressive display of hair raising, tail twitching, growling, hissing and spitting.

Even some claws in his snout didnt deter him from shoving that (*shudder*) wet nose at me constantly.

But once I realized my mom was going to ignore even the most outrageous of my displays of indignation, I decided to give THE DOG a chance he just needed to learn that he must live by my rules, of course.

The humans I allow to care for me call him Chipper and oh-ho boy, is he ever chipper. Ive had to teach him to mellow out, just relax and nap during the day, instead of standing at the windows and barking at every dang squirrel who scampers by.

Hes mostly all right, although Ive got to swat him back in line some days with a swipe of the sharpened claws.

src= me tell you this, though: Anybody who says theyve seen THE DOG and me snuggling is lying. LYING.

Any other fabulous feline readers out there who must live with the indignity of sharing space with a DOG?

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